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Central Fall Qualifier 2015

posted Oct 21, 2015, 10:49 AM by Sailing Officers   [ updated Oct 21, 2015, 10:55 AM ]

    This past weekend, the Villanova sailing team competed in the Central Fall Qualifier in Monmouth, New Jersey. All members of the team were eager to go and compete in the first competition of the season! With the knowledge that only the top four teams from our division would qualify for the War Memorial, everyone was ready to buckle down. Saturday morning had light winds that eventually built to gusts of 14 mph in the afternoon. Skipper Trevor Koerwer‘19 and crew Liz Day’18 started off the day sailing in A division, coming in 6th and then 8th place. Skipper Bailey Cornog’19 with crew Austin Tipp’18 sailed next in B division earning Villanova an 8th and an impressive 4th. In the next rotation, skipper Harrison Paige’19 with crew Lizza Chapey’18 came in 14th and then 10th place. B fleet skipper and crew Pete McMillan’19 and Lawson Buckley’18 did well, coming in 5th and 11th. A division pair Koerwer and Day went back out for one last rotation coming in 4th and 11th. Cornog and Tipp finished off the B division rotation coming in 5th and 3rd. The Villanova team finished off the day only about 20 points short of qualifying.

    Sunday, the team went out to sail with much determination to secure a qualifying spot. A division began with a pair of Koerwer and Buckley getting an 8th and 10th place in their first rotation, 11th and 9th in their second, and 10th and 8th in their third. B division skipper Kornog and crew Tipp sailed two rotations, earning Villanova a 4th, 4th, 7th and 7th. McMillan and Tipp went out for one last set, finishing Villanova off with a 5th and 6th. The team finished 45 points behind Webb, the final team to qualify.

    Although Villanova did not qualify at this regatta, the team will train hard and work together the next weeks in order to qualify at Old Dominion University the second weekend of fall break. The team is looking forward to their next regatta, the Philly Fleet Race, which will be hosted by UPenn and Nova October 3-4.

Scores from the regatta can be found here: