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War Memorial 2015

posted Nov 4, 2015, 10:00 AM by Sailing Officers

The Villanova sailing team headed up to Cornell this weekend to compete in the War Memorial Regatta. The top 8 teams would move on to the ACCs and the next seven to the ACTs. Everyone knew the regatta would be a difficult one, racing against the best teams in our division. However, our team remained optimistic.
                  Saturday featured freezing temperatures and extremely light air - a tough combination. A division was sailed by freshman Trevor Keorwer and crew Liz Day. The duo held strong through the many abandonments and delays, ending the day with a 16th, 12th, 18th and an impressive 10th. B division pair Pete McMillian and Austin Tipp also fared well, coming off the water with a 10th, 17th and 14th. The team finished off the day only 6 points away from qualifying!
                  Sunday held higher winds and warmer temperatures – much more ideal conditions. B division duo McMillan and Tipp started off the day with a 14th. Highlights for the day included a third from Koerwer and solid finishes by Bailey Cornog and Pete McMillan. At the end of the day, the Villanova team finished only 11 points away from qualifying. Our final regatta of the season is Club Champs next weekend hosted by our team and UPenn.

Kings Point Dinghy Open 2015

posted Oct 27, 2015, 12:00 PM by Sailing Officers

 This past weekend, October 24-25, the sailing team travelled to Kings Point, New York to compete in the Kings Point Dinghy Open. The weekend maintained chilly overcast conditions with directional wind shifts amounting to about 300 degrees. With the large size of our team this year we entered two berths into the regatta. Sailing for Villanova 1 in A fleet was skipper Bailey Cornog ’19 and crew Austin Tipp ’18. In B fleet, skipper Peter McMillan ’19 and crew Jack Dyment ’18. For Villanova 2 in A fleet was skipper Connor Hennessey ’19 with crew Lawson Buckley ’18. Skipper Harrison Paige ’19 and Kalin Schultz ’19 sailed in the B fleet.
     Saturday, the breeze was light with gusts of about 8 knots. McMillan and Dyment proved to be a good pairing starting the day off with a first place finish. Scores for the rest of the day remained towards the beginning to middle of the pack. Paige and Hennessey also had a great day on the water.
     Sunday brought slightly heavier winds but fewer wind shifts. Scores for day two remained similar to day one with excellent races sailed by Cornog and McMillan. The two Villanova teams ended up with the exact same scores of 200 points at the end of the weekend, tying them for eleventh place. The team is looking forward to another good week of practice followed by a trip up to Cornell to compete in the very competitive War Memorial Regatta. 

ODU Fall Qualifier 2015

posted Oct 21, 2015, 10:52 AM by Sailing Officers   [ updated Oct 21, 2015, 10:55 AM ]

Left to right: Liz Day, Jack Dyment, Lawson Buckley, Trevor Koerwer, Bailey Cornog, Pete McMillan

    The Villanova sailing team headed down to Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia to sail in the Henry Luce Trophy, the second qualifier for the War Memorial this past weekend. In order to qualify, the team had to place top six (excluding ODU). Although the regatta fell on the second weekend of fall break, everyone was excited to compete.
Saturday featured a light to moderate breeze. Skipper Bailey Cornog ’19 and crew Lawson Buckley ‘18 went out to sail A division. The pair started off the day with a 9th and a 4th. Next, skipper Pete McMillan ’19 with crew Liz Day ’18 pulled out a 10th and 12th place. Cornog and Buckley went out for a second set, coming in 9th and 14th. Skipper Trevor Koerwer ’19 swapped in for B division with crew Day, coming in 2nd and 15th. In the final A division set, Cornog and crew Jack Dyment ’18 came off the water with a much needed 3rd and 7thplace. B division pair Koerwer and Day went out for the last rotation, solidifying a good standing with a 3rd and a 7th. At the end of the day, the Villanova team was only one point away from a qualifying position.
Sunday began with much heavier winds, averaging between 15 and 25 knots. A division pair Cornog and Dyment started off the day with a 5th and 10thplace. Starting the day off in B was Koerwer and McMillan who placed 5th and 8th, putting the team in a qualifying position. Cornog and Dyment added in a 9th, 15th and 5th. B division pair Koerwer and Day finished off the day with a 4th, 11th and 11th. The Villanova team worked hard the entire two days and ended up qualifying for the War Memorial for the second year in a row! The team’s next regatta is October 34-25 at Kings Point.

Central Fall Qualifier 2015

posted Oct 21, 2015, 10:49 AM by Sailing Officers   [ updated Oct 21, 2015, 10:55 AM ]

    This past weekend, the Villanova sailing team competed in the Central Fall Qualifier in Monmouth, New Jersey. All members of the team were eager to go and compete in the first competition of the season! With the knowledge that only the top four teams from our division would qualify for the War Memorial, everyone was ready to buckle down. Saturday morning had light winds that eventually built to gusts of 14 mph in the afternoon. Skipper Trevor Koerwer‘19 and crew Liz Day’18 started off the day sailing in A division, coming in 6th and then 8th place. Skipper Bailey Cornog’19 with crew Austin Tipp’18 sailed next in B division earning Villanova an 8th and an impressive 4th. In the next rotation, skipper Harrison Paige’19 with crew Lizza Chapey’18 came in 14th and then 10th place. B fleet skipper and crew Pete McMillan’19 and Lawson Buckley’18 did well, coming in 5th and 11th. A division pair Koerwer and Day went back out for one last rotation coming in 4th and 11th. Cornog and Tipp finished off the B division rotation coming in 5th and 3rd. The Villanova team finished off the day only about 20 points short of qualifying.

    Sunday, the team went out to sail with much determination to secure a qualifying spot. A division began with a pair of Koerwer and Buckley getting an 8th and 10th place in their first rotation, 11th and 9th in their second, and 10th and 8th in their third. B division skipper Kornog and crew Tipp sailed two rotations, earning Villanova a 4th, 4th, 7th and 7th. McMillan and Tipp went out for one last set, finishing Villanova off with a 5th and 6th. The team finished 45 points behind Webb, the final team to qualify.

    Although Villanova did not qualify at this regatta, the team will train hard and work together the next weeks in order to qualify at Old Dominion University the second weekend of fall break. The team is looking forward to their next regatta, the Philly Fleet Race, which will be hosted by UPenn and Nova October 3-4.

Scores from the regatta can be found here:

America's Trophy 2015

posted May 4, 2015, 5:48 PM by Sailing Officers   [ updated May 4, 2015, 5:56 PM ]

From left to right: Dominic Re '15, Liz Day '18, David Aldian '17, Austin Tipp '18, Jack Dyment '18, Julianna Lee '17, Lawson Buckley '18


        This past weekend (May 2-3), the Villanova sailing team traveled down to Old Dominion University in Virginia to compete in the America’s Cup Trophy. There, they raced against the best 18 teams in the MAISA division, the top nine of which move on to semis in Rhode Island. Although nervous, the team was very optimistic going up against competitive teams such as Georgetown and St.Mary’s. 
        Day one of the race featured favorable conditions with winds ranging around 8-10 mph. Skipper Domenic Re ‘15 with crew Liz Day ‘18 began the day in A division. The duo faced fierce competition but were able to pull out a 14th place for the first race of the day and worked hard to keep their place the rest of the day. Skipper David Alldian ‘17 with crew Julianna Lee ‘17 sailed the day in B division pulling out 5 mid-fleet finishes, leaving the Villanova team with a total of 151 points.
       Day two of the regatta posed a challenge for all teams with the wind reaching a max of 5 mph for the entire day. Alldian and Lee began the day in B division, continuing the set from the previous day. The pair came in an impressive 12th place. Re and Day headed out to the course, coming off with an 18th and a much deserved 11th. Unfortunately, the lack of wind inhibited B from getting off more races, canceling out the last two scores from Day and Re. The team ended with a final score of 179 points, only a single point behind the 16th place team, Webb. Although the conditions prevented the team for doing as well as they had hoped, we are proud of the hard work we put into the regatta and season as a whole. The scores can be found at:
        This weekend was not only the last regatta of the season but was the last college sailing event ever for senior Domenic Re who will be graduating in two weeks. The entire team would like to extend their thanks to Re for all of the hard work he has put into the program as a whole. The underclassmen are hopeful to lead the team as well as he did.

MAISA Southern Spring Qualifier 2015

posted Apr 20, 2015, 7:48 PM by Sailing Officers   [ updated May 4, 2015, 5:58 PM ]

From left to right: Liz Day '18, Jack Dyment '18, Lawson Buckley '18, David Aldian '17, Austin Tipp '18, Julianna Lee '17, Dominic Re '15   

        The team had great success this weekend (April 18-19) at the MAISA Southern Qualifier. Sailors Dominic Re '15, David Aldian '17, Julianna Lee '17, Liz Day '18, Austin Tipp '18, Lawson Buckley '18, and Jack Dyment '18 traveled to the College of William and Mary in VA with the hope of qualifying for the America's Trophy.
Weather made Saturday a very beautiful day with temperatures reaching 85 in the afternoon but very light winds. A division skipper David Aldian with crew Julianna Lee sailed the first set, pulling out a sixth and second place to start off the day. B division skipper Dominic Re with crew Liz Day began their day with an eighth but were then able to bounce back and finish their set with a third. With the wind slowly dying, Aldian and Lee worked to sail fast, coming out of the second set with a sixth and seventh place. Re and Day the pulled off a fourth and a close second to UVA. With the wind coming to a near stop, Aldian and Lee were only able to sail one race, coming in third, before a wind delay was called. After a few hours of waiting, A division was sent back out to finish the set, Villanova earning a fourth place. Re and Day sweated through the light wind and got a second and third place for Nova. With the sun setting, Lee and Aldian were sent back out for one last set, coming in third and later seventh place. Nova ended the day with 61 points, only a close 11 behind third place Virginia Tech.
        Day 2 held much more favorable winds, averaging around 8-10 mph in the morning. Re and Day started off the day in B division, coming off the water with two third place finishes. Aldian and Lee worked hard together, coming out with a fifth and eighth place. Re and Day continued their streak earning another third place finish before the wind quickly picked up, forcing crew Austin Tipp to sub in for Day. Re and Tipp finished off the set with yet another third place finish. With the wind gusting up to 15 mph, Aldian took out crew Jack Dyment for their set. The two hiked out continuously and pulled out a much needed fourth and third place for Nova. With the end of the day in sight, Re and Tipp went out for a final three races in B division. Working through the puffs, they were able to pull off two thirds and a fourth place finish, leaving them only two points behind Virginia Tech, who held the third qualifying spot. A division was sent out for one final, windy race of the day. The pressure was on for Aldian and Dyment to perform. The duo finished off the day with a well-earned third, two places in front of Virginia Tech, allowing Villanova to qualify by one point!
        After a long, nail biting weekend, the Villanova team was able to head home with the promise of going to the America's Trophy two weekends later. Needless to say, none of this could have been done without the hard work of every member on the team and the excellent coaching of Matt Newborn. The team will be heading back to Virginia May 2-3 to sail at Old Dominion University in the America's Trophy.

Ocean County Spring Open 2015

posted Apr 20, 2015, 10:45 AM by Sailing Officers   [ updated May 4, 2015, 6:00 PM ]

Left to Right: Liz Day '18, Julianna Lee '17, David Aldian '17, Lawson Buckley '18, Alex Heid '15 , Dominic Re '15 

        Saturday April 11th , Villanova sent a team up to New Jersey to sail in a regatta hosted by Ocean County College at Tom's River Yacht Club. The wind that day was shifty at best with gusts blowing anywhere between 10 and 30 knots. Domenic Re ('15) sailed A fleet with crews alternating between Alex Heid ('15) and Liz Day ('18), while David Alldian ('17), Julianna Lee ('17) and Lawson Buckley ('18) sailed in B fleet. By the end of the day, Villanova secured second place in A division and first place in B division. Overall, the team tied for first but was awarded second place due to a head-to-head tiebreaker. With only nine teams participating, the Race Committee called the regatta off for Sunday and everyone quickly left to enjoy the rest of their weekend. It was a great regatta to prepare for the spring qualifier the next weekend.


MAISA South Spring Qualifier at Hampton

posted Apr 4, 2013, 5:41 AM by William Joumas

MAISA South Spring Qualifier at Hampton (March 30-31)

Despite Villanova’s university-wide break for Easter weekend, Coach Matt Newborn and four student-sailors made the six hour drive to Hampton University in Hampton, VA for the MAISA’s South Spring Qualifier, the site of the 2013 National Semifinals in May. One of the most important regattas of the spring season, the event was the qualifier for both the America’s Trophy (MAISA Spring Championship) as well as the Leroy Grant (a secondary championship regatta). As both of these regattas also affect the end of season rankings, it was imperative for us to qualify. With several days off from school for the break, we left on Friday morning and arrived in Virginia in time to practice with the Christopher Newport University team in Newport News.

Saturday morning was beautiful and sunny with temperatures reaching the low 60s, but with very little wind. After a lengthy sail out to the course, the breeze built to just about 4 kts and racing began. The wind oscillated and remained unsteady throughout the day, completely dying during some races and causing the RC to abandon others due to significant shifts. With rotations happening right off the beach, everyone ashore had easy viewing of the action on the course. Domenic Re ’15 and Scott Barnhill ’14 sailed each of the six races in A division while Will Joumas ’14 and Patricia Kelley ’14 sailed all six races in B division. Both boats had their ups and downs and the team finished Saturday within one place of qualifying for the Grant.

Sunday was forecasted to bring heavy winds and rain, but the breeze never quite filled as expected. A decision by the race committee to resail race 5A led to six races being sailed in A division and five in B, with racing continuing right up until the 3:00 pm deadline. By the last set, the breeze came up significantly and for the final race, 11B, Scott took the helm in B division and Will switched to heavy-air crew. However, after a stellar start, the pair was forced to retire from the race and they were awarded a breakdown due to problems with the mainsail. The goal for the day was to take back at least one spot and qualify for the Grant and we did so with a 20 point lead over the next place team.

We would like to extend our appreciation to Joe & Heather Re, parents of Domenic '15, for providing our lunches and dinners this weekend and to Craig & Jacalyn Quigley for their gracious hospitality in hosting our team for dinner on Saturday evening.

Old Guard Intersectional at Navy

posted Apr 4, 2013, 5:41 AM by William Joumas   [ updated Apr 6, 2013, 2:34 PM ]

Old Guard Regatta at Navy (March 23-24)

After watching Villanova basketball’s disappointing loss to UNC on Friday March 22nd, we drove to Baltimore in anticipation of the Old Guard Intersectional at the U.S. Naval Academy that weekend.

On Saturday morning, following a quick trip to APS, the team was greeted by a puffy northwesterly rolling down the Severn River. Domenic Re ’15 and Scott Barnhill ’14 started in A division sailing FJs while Will Joumas ’14 and Patricia Kelly ’14 began in B division racing 420s. Throughout the day, inconsistent gusts of up to 18 kts sporadically appeared around the course, helping certain boats, while a nearby skipper could be dealing with just 5 kts of breeze. Difficult conditions allowed for only three races to be sailed in each division before the fleets broke for lunch ashore. Villanova got off to a tough start, but after A division made the switch from FJs to 420 before the last set of the day, Domenic and Scott showed noticeable improvement as they rounded the first windward mark in third, and held on for a seventh place finish. In B division, Will and Patricia sailed together in preparation of the upcoming qualifier, although Alex Heid ’15 and Caroline Carney ‘16 substituted during races 4B-6B so Coach Matt Newborn could coach Will and Patricia during in the non-stop two-division regatta format.

Sunday was much colder and lighter, forcing the race committee to move racing out of the river and into the Annapolis harbor. Six more races were sailed in both divisions with Domenic and Scott continuing in A division and Alex and Caroline taking over in B division. Although the end results do not appear great on paper, this was a good event for the team. With eight NEISA teams present, and some of the best teams in the country sailing their top pairs, the competition was tough and provided us with an opportunity to sail alongside some of the best in college sailing.

We would like to extend our appreciation to Lisa Barnhill, mother of Scott, for her gracious hospitality in housing our team in Baltimore for the weekend.

St. Mary's College Women's Intersectional

posted Mar 20, 2013, 3:18 PM by William Joumas   [ updated Mar 20, 2013, 3:19 PM ]

March 16-17,
 St. Mary's College (MD)

St. Patrick’s Day weekend was momentous for the Villanova Sailing Team, led by Coach Matt Newborn, as they sent their first-ever women’s team to the St. Mary’s Women’s Intersectional in St. Mary’s City, MD.  With 15 of the top ranked women’s teams from around the country scheduled to attend, the level of competition at this regatta was possibly the highest we have ever faced. Among the fleet were seven schools from our region, MAISA (Mid-Atlantic), seven from NESIA (New England), two from SAISA (South Atlantic), and University of Hawaii flying in from PCCSC (Pacific).

Saturday morning was brisk with winds starting at about 5-7 kts out of the SE and brief periods of rain showers.  Temperatures reached the high 50s, resulting in a beautiful, sunny day as racing progressed.  Sarah Celone (’13) and Jen White (’16) began in A fleet sailing 420’s, while Tracy Grim (’16) and Caroline Carney (’16) began in B fleet sailing FJ’s.  After a few races, the girls really started to sail well together with the A team finishing the third race in the top ten.  The breeze quickly petered off in the early afternoon and a lunch break was called after only managing to fit in four races in A fleet and three races in B.  A subsequent wind delay ensued and the afternoon proved to be less-than-ideal conditions for sailing with less than 5 kts of breeze and long periods of drifting on the course.  The Race Committee was only able to get off one more race in each fleet and finally called off racing at 4:30 when conditions were determined to be unfit for further sailing.

Sunday morning brought more favorable sailing conditions with a 10-15 kts Northerly breeze. However, the competitors were met with hail storms in the early afternoon.   A and B divisions switched fleets on Sunday with A moving to FJ’s and B changing to 420’s.  Consequently, with the heavier breeze came a polarization between the experience of the other teams in comparison to the inaugural Villanova women’s team.  However, after a midday crew switch between divisions, the Villanova girls seemed to hit the reset button on the day, and came back for a competitive finish!

With the level of arguably the fiercest the team has ever seen, we were pleased with our ability to remain competitive throughout the two days of racing. After further practicing and more regattas under our belt, we are certain that the next women’s regatta will see Villanova placing much higher.

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