Alumni & Friends

We are committed to staying in touch with our Alumni, Family, and Friends!
Please click the link below to hear about our competitions and our sailors.
A Special Thanks To Our Alumni:

Mark Maiocco, 1979
David Rath, 1988
Jackie Lebowitz, 2006
Steve Froelich, 2006
Libby Patterson, 2008
Fred Floyd, 2009
Elizabeth Flint, 2010
Andrew Sayre, 2012
Craig Williams, 2012
Katie Shimko, 2012
Marisa Demourkas, 2012
Sarah Celone, 2013
Scott Barnhill, 2013

Christine Brooks 
Dan Gilman, 2009 
Danielle Prager
Jaime Moran, 2010
John McDonough
Sarah Callahan


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